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Securing a divorce is often a difficult process. In many cases, it is simply impossible to reach an agreement on the terms of separation without legal guidance. Our St. Louis divorce lawyer at Hogan Law Group, LLC is capable of helping you seek a favorable outcome in your separation.

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What is a contested divorce?

When a couple files for divorce, they are tasked with determining how to divide responsibilities and assets after the dissolution. Unfortunately, this process is often made tedious due to conflicting interests and priorities. A divorce is considered contested if couples cannot reach an agreement on any number of important matters associated with the breakup.

These key issues can lead to a contested divorce:

Unfortunately, a contested divorce is not easily resolved. Such cases are handled in court, and ultimately settled by a judge. If you have been unable to reach a favorable agreement on the terms of your dissolution, an experienced attorney can offer the guidance you need to seek a proper resolution. Contact Hogan Law Group, LLC for legal representation dedicated to helping you reach an equitable result in your case.

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Do not hesitate to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer from our St. Louis firm for help protecting your interests during the divorce process. Our attorney has handled divorce cases for more than 20 years and is qualified to provide the aid you need. With Hogan Law Group, LLC, you can pursue a beneficial conclusion to your court hearing, or help minimize the time needed to resolve your differences by pursuing an uncontested divorce in advance.

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