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When the parents of a child are not married, a father will not have any legal rights and responsibilities to the child. If you wish to have legal rights to your child, then you, the mother, or another third party on behalf of the child must seek out the establishment of paternity. Once paternity has been established, you will have the right to legally pursue a relationship with your child.

If you wish to protect your rights as a father, or if you are a mother who is in need of determining paternity in order to seek financial support for your child, speak with our experienced St. Louis divorce attorney at Hogan Law Group, LLC immediately. We can help you.

Why should I establish paternity?

Establishing paternity can provide many benefits. Not only could a paternity test bring welcomed peace of mind and closure to you, but establishing paternity could have a lifelong impact on your child.

Children may experience invaluable benefits once paternity is established, such as:

  • Your child can solidify a sense of his or her own identity once legal proof of paternity is issued
  • Your child can access information regarding your family history and / or medical problems
  • Your child can enjoy medical and / or life insurance from either parent
  • Your child will be eligible to receive financial support, such as child support
  • Your child will be legally eligible to receive an inheritance once you pass away

By seeking paternity, you also give yourselfas a fatherthe following legal rights:

  • You can play a role in certain legal decisions regarding the interests of your child
  • You may seek a court order for child custody or visitation rights
  • If you gain custody, you may be permitted to seek a court order for child support

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