Parental Visitation Rights

Ensure the Relationship Between You and Your Child is Protected

Regardless of whether you are experiencing visitation problems years after your divorce or are currently in the throes of divorce and cannot reach a visitation agreement with your spouse, Hogan Law Group can help. As a parent, you are entitled to certain rights including visitation.

We understand how important your relationship is with your child, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure said relationship is protected. It is our priority to make sure your and your child's best interests are safeguarded throughout the entire divorce or litigation process. We can help ensure modifications to a pre-existing parenting plan or a new parenting plan is fair for both spouses, as well as represents the best interests of your child.

What affects parenting time decisions?

Parenting time, or visitation, is often granted to the non-custodial parent to ensure they can maintain a relationship with their child. The family court takes several factors into account prior to determining the visitation rights.

Said factors can include:

  • Physical Health of Each Party
  • Interaction of Your Child with Each Parent
  • Wishes of You and Your Ex-Spouse
  • Wishes of Your Child
  • Your Child's Attachment to Their Current Location
  • The Mental Health of Each Party

The court may also consider you and your ex-spouse's ability to encourage your child to spend time with the other party. If you need to change your parenting plan due to relocation, we can ensure the proper relocation channels are taken by the custodial spouse, as well as ensure the non-custodial parent is granted fair visitation rights.

St. Louis Visitation Attorney

Do not let your ex-spouse control your visitation rights. Only a court order and modification can affect your visitation with your child. If you believe your visitation rights are being violated, please contact our firm as soon as possible. We can review your case, speak with you and your child to determine any and all issues regarding visitation, and take your case to court, if necessary. Do not jeopardize your relationship with your child—call our firm to schedule a free case evaluation now.