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If you are employed by a construction company or for an employer that has at least five employees on staff in Missouri, you should be covered by some sort of workers’ compensation insurance in case you get hurt on-the-job. Just having the coverage does not guarantee that you will be given the benefits you need to recuperate. In many situations, workers’ compensation claims are denied, either by employers or an insurance company. When this happens, legal action might be necessary to set things right.

Hogan Law Group, LLC and our St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyers can help you either file a claim or challenge a denial. We bring more than 20 years of legal experience to each case we handle, as well as a client-first approach that will leave you feeling as if your case is in good hands.

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Injuries Covered & Not Covered by Workers’ Comp

The average workers’ compensation policy or program should cover you if you are hurt while on-the-job or while performing any work-related duty. Proving liability is not required in workers’ compensation claims, except in outlying situations. If get hurt and admit that you were not being completely careful, you should still be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation might not cover injuries if you were:

  • Intentionally trying to get hurt.
  • Knowingly violating company policy in a clearly unsafe way.
  • Not on-the-clock and not doing a work-related task.
  • Committing a serious crime.

Temporary & Permanent Disability Benefits

The amount of workers’ compensation that you should be granted will vary depending on your injury and disability. If you are expected to recover from your injury in a few months maximum, you will be given temporary disability benefits to help pay for necessary medical expenses and provide some of your lost wages. Temporary benefits can be extended to permanent if your doctor believes you have reached your maximum medical improvement (MMI) but have not reached your previous level of health before the accident. Doctors for workers’ compensation claims may be selected by your employer.

If your disability is permanent, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits for the rest of your life. You may be required to return to work at a certain time, however, and perform duties that do not upset your condition. Any additional training needed for new positions must also be provided by your employer and at no cost to you. If you are permanently disabled and cannot work to any extent, you can also qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.

Legal Guides for Filings, Denials & Appeals

Our St. Louis workers’ compensation attorneys are ready to help you handle a complicated or straightforward workers’ compensation claim. We will not be satisfied until you are given the benefits and coverage that you deserve. As trusted mediators and legal negotiators in Missouri, we will do everything in our power and use our full knowledge and experience to get your claim to the outcome you expect.

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