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Commercial trucks pose a serious threat to smaller vehicles on the road, especially when they are driven by truckers who behave negligently or dangerously. If you were struck by a tractor trailer and suffered serious injuries, you may need to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. Hogan Law Group, LLC and our St. Louis personal injury attorneys can help.

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When you are filing a truck accident claim, you might be going up against a large trucking corporation that wants nothing more than to give you as little as possible, or perhaps nothing at all. Do not let them push you around by starting your case unprepared. Get us on your side and stand up for your rights.

Investigating the Cause of Your St. Louis Truck Accident

The key to victory in many truck accident claims is knowing what caused the accident. If liability is not drawn clearly to the trucker, some liability could wind up on the plaintiff’s shoulders. This is not acceptable, as far as we are concerned. From the beginning, you will see that our dedicated St. Louis personal injury lawyers are here to do everything we can to make certain you collect as much compensation as you can.

Possible causes of your truck accident we will want to consider are:

  • Truck driver was exhausted from working long hours.
  • Trucker was speeding to make a delivery on time.
  • Truck was poorly maintained (equipment failure).
  • Trailer was overloaded and caused loss of vehicle control.

Maximize Your Compensation with St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyers

After being injured in a truck accident, bills and costs will probably start piling up, and fast. We want to win you compensation, either through a settlement, award, or jury verdict, that helps pay for medical bills, property repair, missing wages, emotional scarring, and more. We genuinely want you to get every cent you are owed.

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    Chris S.

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